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Lauren Buchsbaum

Lauren Buchsbaum has been a licensed Physical Therapist for 13 years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Movement Science from the University of Michigan and then went on to get her Masters in Physical Therapy from Hunter College after having many great experiences volunteering in numerous physical therapy clinics while in undergrad. Lauren has worked in a variety of orthopedic settings including hospital based and outpatient. She has realized over the years that you can't just treat the "one" body part that is painful. She has learned that you must treat the patient as a whole and diagnose where the root cause of injury or dysfunction is. After years of feeling like she was unable to find "the missing link" to some of her patients back and hip pain she discovered the Tupler Technique. She had just had her third child and was also feeling self conscious of her belly. Lauren was absolutely amazed with the results and how quickly she was able see a difference. She also enjoyed all the compliments of how great she looked after having 3 kids!  Lauren is still very active. She enjoys jogging, yoga and Pilates and has now learned how to safely practice all three while being diastasis  safe. Lauren has seen it is never too late to heal and never too early to start to prevent. Lauren is excited to share her knowledge and help her clients. 

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